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Three glasses for Callas 2015

October 2018

The Malvasia 2015 from Monte delle Vigne, Ozzano Taro (PR), gets the award from Gambero Rosso, the Italian enological guidance.


The name is telling us about his particularity, calling up the idea of the enduring fine taste in our memories, long before than in our palate and nostrils.

The white wine obtained from Malvasia di Candia aromatic in purity, aged for six month in steel. Callas 2015 is an intriguing wine with an ample and intense nose, which has captured the experts from Gambero Rosso, to award this wine for the first time with the prestigious award three glasses.

By now accustomed to the prizes but never giving up to receive better results, Monte delle Vigne from Ozzano Taro (PR) shows success (thanks) because of the quality of their products, the outstanding “terroir” at the foot of the Apennines from Parma and has a protecting philosophy of the environment with the mission of a sustainability and organic farming.

Excellent with long aged ham, delicious in combination with intense flavour fish or shellfish or with foie gras and blue cheeses, Callas 2015 is thus performed in intensive notes with floral and clotted with great finesse, confirming once again the position of Monte delle Vigne on the top of the Italian enological wine production.