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A unique terroir. Soft hills and lines that go down up to the right bank of river Taro from a height of 300 metres. Deep, marly and mineral soils, rich in limestone and clay, let the vine develop structure, intensity, flavours, refinement and elegance. The white grapes facing East and the red grapes facing West ensure a perfect ripening, while the high day/night temperature range due to the cold currents that come down from an height of 1050 metres of the Cisa, let the grapes develop elegance and aromatic refinement.
Our vineyards High-density planting, 6.000 plants per hectare with strain productions that do not exceed 1.5 kg per plant: a great concentration to get a high quality. Barbera, Bonarda and Lambrusco to the West; Merlot on the plains. White grapes to the east: Malvasia, Sauvignon and Chardonnay. In the enclosed area, a small plot facing North-West, you can find Cabernet Franc.