Yearbook of the best Italian wines 2020

Cabernet Franc Riserva 2013: 92/100  consistency: 32 – Balance: 31 – Integrity:29

Sensations: Sensations: great enveloping sweetness of very long and persuasive spices, soft/tannic souplesse of the taste with wonderful balance. Vivacity of fruit of the evident residual torgor. Then different required contacts. On one hand to enjoy the tannin/persuasive balance, on the other hand to feel; the fragrance of the fruit pulp envelops and is enveloped by the spice, which is evidently interpenetrated and melted therein. Lastly, to softly enjoy the superior pleasantness of drinking, combined effect of the exceptional consistency with the rare balance. The last note is for the execution technique: oenology of transformation and qualifying development, according to the cleanliness and freshness of its pulpy, blackberry mint.

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