Unique territory

Gentle hills that slope down from a height of 300 meters to the right bank of the river Taro, deep soils rich in clay and limestone and night breezes that lower summer temperatures make this place a unique terroir. High-density planting, 6,000 plants per hectare, with a strain production that does not exceed 1,5 kg of grapes. Each plant has a productive natural balance that let it express the most of its production potential.


Our wines

None of our wines was made by chance. We have first thought and then produced them. Each of them represents the utmost expression of this wonderful land.

Nabucco e Callas

  • Made in 1992 for the first time, Nabucco is the symbol of Monte delle Vigne. Red wine with a great structure, it is expressed with elegance, strength and...
  • White wine obtained from pure Malvasia di Candia Aromatica, aged for six months in steel. It is an intriguing and intense wine on refined clotted and...

Our underground winery

We thought, imagined and loved the winery even before it was conceived. It is the container where wine-growing and the art of wine-making meet and blend despite being so different one another. We are constantly looking for excellence in this place.

  • Average temperature
  • Soundproofing
  • Depth
  • Moisture

You are welcome

Monte delle Vigne welcomes tourists and enthusiasts all year round to guide them to discover the vineyards, the winery and its wines, through guided tours and tastings paired with the great flavours of Parma.

Wine news