May 5, 2023 | News

Marco is a passionate wine cellar worker who has chosen to live with his family at Monte delle Vigne, in Colli di Parma, dedicating a significant part of his life to the art of wine bottling. His expertise in bottling, especially in fine-tuning all the control parameters of the equipment, has made our products highly appreciated by those who are knowledgeable about wine.

As mentioned, Marco’s home is situated in Colli di Parma, in a charming location where the calcareous-clay terroir fully expresses itself in wine’s final taste. What truly makes this history special is that Marco lives - with Mrs. Francesca and their lovely daughter Amelia - in a small house located among pristine woods, starlit skies, the breeze from Cisa, oak barriques, and wine bottles. These elements are the manifestation of his passion and work.

Marco represents the real keeper of our winery, of Pietro Pizzarotti's dream that has now become reality; he recovers the role of keeper of our estate, as masters of Parmesan Cheese do, who often live inside the dairy farms. To valorize it, often whom who finish late their work at Monte delle Vigne meet Marco during his evening walk, with his flashlight to controle the doors and, by this way, he protects his family who lives alone and far from the city chaos.

In his daily routine, Marco’s work involves carefully handling the grapes that come from the company’s vineyards, following modern techniques to produce high-quality wines that respect nature. The choice of bottle type, cork, and labels is equally crucial to create products that are second to none. Marco and his expert cellar colleagues invest a significant amount of time in tastings and defining the bottle format, cork, label application processes, and more.

Marco is also the specialized technician responsible for maintaining the equipment used in the cellar. Specifically, he takes care of the maintenance of the isobaric bottling, a crucial process for the production of Monte delle Vigne wines, especially sparkling ones. Any pressure and/or temperature variations from the tank to the bottle are meticulously controlled and monitored by him at every moment.

His extensive experience in maintaining these machines - allowing for a production rate of 2 thousand bottles per hour - enables him to quickly identify any issues and intervene immediately to resolve them, avoiding interruptions in production and ensuring maximum quality and consistency over time.

The choice to live in Monte delle Vigne is, for Marco, a way of living in harmony with nature and with his passion for wine. He is entirely plunged into his work, dedicating his energy every day to the creation of unique products. In an era where high-quality wine is often produced in large quantities and sold at too low prices, Marco’s work represents a return to the roots of Italian winemaking tradition - characterized by passion, care for the product, and respect for the territory.
All of us at Monte delle Vigne are honored to have him on our team.

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